Joplin Marley Studios

For the past eleven years, we have owned and operated, grown and expanded our business here in Beverly, and could not be more grateful. (Tranquility Salon Company)

We are also very excited to introduce: 
Joplin Marley Studios
(our conscious lifestyle brand)  
9911 S. Walden Pkway 

We will be hosting workshops on personal growth, self empowerment, and elevating your life in conscious and creative ways. 

We will also be collaborating with artists, musicians, and conscious co-creators who are aligned with our vision for shining a light on all good things in the world. 

With the external services ( hair, makeup, beauty) on one side of the street, we thought the internal (the heart and soul) needs could be met on the other side of the street.

We believe that intentionally providing a space to connect deeper with yourself and your community, will only result in great things for
all, and ripple positive change into the world around us. 

We are so grateful for all of you who have continued to support us and collaborate with us on all the great things taking place here. 

It is not the energy of one of us, but all of us that create the community we live in and share. 

May we all rise together! 
Thank you , 
Katie Barba Schickel and Meg'n Barba

January 27, 2018