The Healing Benefits of CBD


Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant that relieve a wide variety of ailments. Cannabinoids replicate endocannabinoids, which are compounds that our bodies naturally produce to balance and control communication between cells. Diseases and ailments occur in our bodies when there is a deficiency in the endocannabonoid system.

Cannabis has been around since the dawn of time. This extraordinary plant carries immense healing powers. It can be used to treat anything from minor skin aliments like psoriasis and dry skin, to arthritis, diabetes, and even high cholesterol. The right combination of Cannabis can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and mood irritability. Cannabis and CBD oil is being used to treat Epilepsy in both children and adults, and has proven to stop seizures right in their tracts. Cerebral paisley, MS, even parkinson disease ALL are helped and healed by Cannabis. Medical Cannabis along with a Healthy Diet can completely heal and cure anything from simple aliments to the most horrible diseases known to man. 

WE are on a journey advocating and educating ourselves and others on the incredible benefits of Cannabis, namely CBD, both to heal and cure disease as well as use for everyday health and wellness. 

What is CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are the primary chemical compounds that make up cannabis. CBD has significant health benefits but does not have psychoactive effects. This means that it does not alter your state of mind. All of our products are naturally derived from hemp. Anything you purchase is legal in all 50 states.

Who can benefit from CBD? Everyone! Many people have found relief from anxiety, depression, menstrual symptoms, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, seizures, sore muscles, chronic pain, localized pain, arthritis, dementia, cancer, IBS, PTSD, nausea, and many other health conditions by using CBD. 

*All products are available for purchase at Tranquility Salon Co.

*All products are available for purchase at Tranquility Salon Co.

Mary's Remedy Oil 

Made with all natural, organic CBD grown in Colorado

Packed with 500 mg of activated CBD oil in every bottle

Millennia-old recipe with sweet almond oil, cinnamon bark oil and myrrh

Accurately-dosed droppers delivers one of the highest concentrated doses of CBD on the market

Apply sublingually (under the tongue) for best results

Great for IBS, quick acting pain relief, arthritis, muscle spasms, and seizures. 

Mary's Transdermal Patches  

Accurately dosed and cleanly delivered 

10 transdermal milligrams is equivalent to approximately 100mg of an edible dispensed slowly and evenly over an 8-12 hour period- day or night

Higher absorption rate as the cannabinoids bypass stomach and acid breakdown

Transdermal delivery allows cannabinoids to permeate for a quick onset 

The patches work well under the wrist or on the top of the foot

They can be cut into a maximum of 16 pieces for micro-dosing which can be the best method of managing daily, long term pain. 

Micro-dosing also helps with balancing mood



Mary's Transdermal Gel Pens  

Accurately dosed at 2mg per pump with 50 doses per gel pen

Provides rapid relief in as fast as five minutes

Optimal for microdosing, creating exact cannabinoid ratios and easy titration

Users apply it to the wrist, ankle, temples, or any other venous area

Best for times of acute pain

Great for stress, muscle spasms, burns, skin irritations, and never pain.

Mary's Transdermal Gel PET Pens  

Apply directly to the inner ear of your furry friend for quick relief 

Accurately formulated to provide 1mg of CBD per pump

Has been reported to ease anxiety, arthritis, itching, pain, seisures and more

All natural CBD grown organically in Colorado

Great for thunderstorms and fireworks

Can be uses to ease nausea from opiates or for opiate replacement therapy. 

Mary's Muscle Freeze   

2017 Winner of Best Infused Product by National Cannabis Industry Associates 

Combines all natural plant extract with CBD for cooling and soothing effects 

Easy to use pump bottles 

All natural CBD grown organically in Colorado 

Rub on temples to soothe a headache. 

Ideal for sore muscles, sprains, and back pain. Relieves joint pain and arthritis.

Mary's Burn Out Topical Mist   

Non-greasy topical spray

Can be used to rejuvenate and hydrate dry or damaged skin  

Positive reports from sufferers of Sunburn, windburn, psoriasis, rashes.

Users apply it to the face, arms, legs, etc. 

All natural CBD grown organically in Colorado 

Great for burns, skin irritations, and to treat ache or skin blemishes

Mary's Elite Capsules   

Plant Based, Vegan, GMO Free, Gluten Free

Contain no additives or non-organic impurities 

Accurately dosed at 5mg per capsule

Specially formulated to eliminate the breakdown of cannabinoids by stomach acid 

All natural CBD grown organically in Colorado 

Great for IBS, emotional regulation, and daily chronic pain. 

Mary's Elite Compound  

Designed for fast-acting localized relief

Is applied locally to muscles, joints or any tender area. 

Activated with proprietary carrier agents for transdermal delivery 

Non-greasy formulation with Cool Citrus Basil scent

Offers relief for a wide variety of reported ailments

Great for healing anything from skin lesions to arthritis to Crohn’s disease

CW Hemp Gel Pen  

Contains 50-2mg doses of Charlotte’s Web Extract.

Is applied to the wrist, ankle, temples or any other veinous area.

Contains 100mg Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract

Users apply it to the wrist, ankle, temples, or any other venous area

Best for times of acute pain

Great for stress, muscle spasms, burns, skin irritations, and never pain.



CBD and the Nervous System

Aids in Sleep

Reduces seizures & Convulsions 


Anxiety Relieving


CBD and the Digestive System

Reduces Contractions in the Small Intestine 


CBD and the Muscular and Skeletal Systems 

Promotes Bone Growth

Suppresses Muscle Spasms 

Reduces Inflammation 


CBD and the Endocrine System & Immune Response 

Kills or slows bacterial growth 

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels***

Treats Psoriasis 


CBD and the Circulatory System 

Reduces risk of artery blockage 

Anti- Ischemic 

Increases Cerebral blood flow


Whole Body Relief and Protection

Inhibits Cell growth in tumors and cancer cells

Reduces or eliminates pain


Relives pain

Aids in Sleep Support

Kills or slows bacterial growth 

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels 

Reduces vomiting and nausea 

Reduces seizures and Convulsions 

Reduces Inflammation  

Reduces risk of artery block

Inhibits cell growth in Tumors and Cancer Cells

Suppresses muscle spasms 

Blood Sugar Balancing 

Gastrointestinal Relief

Immune Support



Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Promotes Bone Growth 

Protects nervous system degeneration 

Increases function in the immune system 

Reduces Contractions in the Small Intestine 

Treats Psoriasis 

Tranquilizing, used to manage psychosis

*The only thing the patches are NOT good for is Arthritis for that we recommend Gels, Capsules, or Compound 


Relieve Pain 


Inhibits cell growth in Tumors and Cancer Cells


Suppresses Muscle Spasms 

Gastrointestinal Relief


Learn from Experience 


“My three-year-old son has nonverbal autism. I was referred to your tincture to aide in helping with my son's behavior, mood and sleep disturbances. Thank you so much for making this amazing product. It is easy for me to get him to swallow as it tastes great. I have been treating him with this for four months now and have seen an incredible difference. Thank you Mary's" 
-Karen, 35

"I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Considering I can't smoke, I was looking for another way to help with my pain and perhaps the cancer. I found your Remedy Oil and have been using it daily for over a year now. I am not on any pain medications and the nodules on my lungs have decreased."
-Daryl, 52

"A drop a day goes a long way in relieving my pain from fibromyalgia. I no longer have to take narcotics to find relief."
- Lacey, 48

"I basically have chronic daily headache's, cluster headaches and migraines and the occasional "growing pains" as I still call them. Nothing has worked as fast and as good as Mary's Nutritionals patches and Remedy Oil. I am so happy that I have found something that is really working! I'm excited to continue using these products."
-Allison, 23


“I wore one of your patches and feel like a changed person. We need to educate other Multiple Sclerosis patients.”

-Michelle, 40

“Thank you Mary’s! I can’t tell you what a blessing your patches are for my daughter. I can send her to school knowing she will have hours of relief wearing her patch. She can be a child again!”

-Bridget, 40, mother of Lila, 13



“I’ve got mad love for Mary’s products. The Gel Pen is what I use throughout the day to help with my pain (also the best migraine cure on the planet). The product also aids my sleeping routine, and I’ve finally been able to achieve REM sleep again for the first time in six years. THANK YOU!!!!” --John, 38

“Your Gel Pen is amazing. I use it to help ease muscle spasms in my fingers. As a pianist, my fingers and hands ache and your gel pen offers fast relief after long hours of working with my hands.” Katie, 25



“I started using the Pets Gel Pen on my 9-year-old lab and was skeptical. She had been on Rimadyl for one year for arthritis. After three weeks of 3 pumps a day, she is now completely off of Rimadyl and is more comfortable while walking and running. Thank you Mary’s Pets!” 
Vicki, 62

“The Pet Gel Pen is perfect for my cat who gets spooked out by thunderstorms. I put 1 pump on the inside of his ear and he is calm throughout the storm. This has been a game changer for us.”
 Derrick, 36


“I’m an ultra-marathon runner and the muscle freeze is the best thing I’ve gotten my hands on! After long training sessions, it helps my muscles recover twice as quickly. It works almost immediately to alleviate the muscular soreness and stiffness that comes with long, strenuous runs.” 

~ Avery, 25"

"The muscle freeze saved my life! I was feeling miserable every day because of how bad my lower back pain is. Having a desk job certainly doesn't help, but after discovering this topical, I apply it anytime the discomfort is extreme and it works instantly! I know that the cannabis plant has healing properties and this phrase just reminds me that there is hope to managing pain." 
-Ken, 54

"I had shoulder surgery less than three months ago and there are days when there is lingering pain and inflammation. I always go to the muscle freeze because it gives me immediate relief from the discomfort. I'm currently going to physical therapy and using the muscle freeze alongside therapy sessions, I feel like my shoulder recovery is coming along quickly."
-Pam 62


“The Burn-Out Topical Mist is amazing! I love how fine the spray is and use it daily on my face. I am in the sun all day and it feels great when I apply it at night. Soothing and calming, the sun has nothing on this! LOVE IT.”
 Janet, 25

“My daughter has acne and I have been using the Burn-Out Topical Mist on her face for two months now. Over time her acne has diminished substantially; she looks and feels so much better! Thank you, Mary’s.”
 Lisa, 49


“I’m a healthy person with no significant ailments. However, I decided to add the tablets to my daily vitamin regimen and I actually feel a difference in how I feel. Almost like my body is more balanced and my systems regulated. Who knew that these capsules would be so beneficial, even for a healthy person like myself?!”
 -Jill, 45

“I suffer greatly from insomnia, and just two Elite Capsules a night put me to sleep quickly. I stay asleep and wake up without any grogginess. Thank you for allowing me to sleep soundly without the use of dangerous pharmaceutical sleeping pills.”
 -Mike, 38


“I received your Topical Compound as a gift. I began using it on the two places where I have had pre-cancerous spots removed from my forehead and lip. The dry areas went away, and after four weeks of use, even the blemishes from my teenage years were gone!” -Lori, 45

“My 11-year-old son has Crohn’s Disease. After liberally applying the Topical Compound to his stomach for three days, his flare ups drastically reduced. He’s now been using the Compound for 18 months and is only taking one prescription medication, compared to the three he was on before using the Compound. Thank you so much!” -Sean, dad to Ryan, 11