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Three Years ago, Tranquility Salon Company had a vision, a dream of sorts. A dream that involved Expansion, Evolution, Growth, and Rejuvenation of both body and spirit. The physical space of the salon itself and the soul of the business, built by two sisters, was in for a beautiful Transformation. Tranquility Salon recently achieved their dream by moving across the parkway to a new, more expansive space. Looking ahead to the future it certainly looks bright. Please visit us in our new space for a new you. Find out more. 


We carry the full line of mary’s Nutritials

CBD products

“I’ve got mad love for Mary’s products. The Gel Pen is what I use throughout the day to help with my pain (also the best migraine cure on the planet). The product also aids my sleeping routine, and I’ve finally been able to achieve REM sleep again for the first time in six years. THANK YOU!!!!” John, 38 




Historic Beverly 


9908 S. Walden Parkway  

Chicago, IL 60643

(773) 298- 8901

Hours of Inspiration:                                               Sunday- Rest Day

Monday NOW OPEN 9am-3pm

Tuesday - Thursday 11am-9pm                                 Friday 9am-6pm   Saturday 8am-4pm  

Mary’s Remedy Oil

Made with all natural, organic CBD grown in Colorado
Packed with 500 mg of activated CBD oil in every bottle
Millennia-old recipe with sweet almond oil, cinnamon bark oil and myrrh
Accurately-dosed droppers delivers one of the highest concentrated doses of CBD on the market
— Lily Moon River